Due to social distancing precautions during the 2020 pandemic, this service is for parents to get a quick weight check of their baby without coming into the office building. You simply drive up, undress baby in the car, carry baby up to the office front porch, weigh baby on the sanitized scale, then head home.

I will be there in mask and gloves to greet you, operate the scale and record baby’s weight. I will sanitize the scale and table between babies, who will be scheduled 15 minutes apart so families don’t cross paths.

I so wish we didn’t have to isolate from each other. I wish you could be enjoying the comraderie of support groups. I wish I could be seeing you in my comfy, beautiful office. I am grateful to the families who are booking video consults with me so I can keep in touch and help however I can. I’ve decided to offer this service to provide that bit of reassurance or information to monitor baby’s feeding plan and support you as you navigate your postpartum during this time of uncertainty and cancelled well-baby peds visits. If weight checks can help ease your mind, I am here to help.

Please contact me with any questions!

*Use of this service does not constitute as medical advice. Please contact your care providers for assistance with modifying baby’s feeding plan and monitoring their growth curve. This service is for convenience and informational purposes only. I use a Tanita BD-815U infant scale with accuracy of 0.1oz/2g resolution.


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