Ask the Bride -- "And Guest" on Inner Envelopes

Question: When inviting a single person to your wedding is it appropriate to address the inner envelope "Mr. John Smith and Guest?"

Answer: All of the experts of etiquette will tell you that it is not alright to add "and Guest" on an invitation, but many people do it anyways. What they say you should do if you don't know the name of the invited person's date or significant other, is to call your guest and let them know that they can bring someone to the wedding, then get their date's full name and address and send that person a separate invitation.

Personally, I think the "and Guest" is only marginally allowable if the person doesn't have a steady boy/girlfriend and would bring a stranger to the wedding. You should _never_ use "and Guest" for a person's fiance, spouse or significant other. In those cases, no matter how embarrassing, ask someone who knows or make the call!


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