Ask the Bride -- Giving Away the Bride (Mom version)

Question: My father recently passed away. Whom should I ask to give me away at my wedding? I have no brothers, several uncles & cousins. Is there a proper way to handle this? Does the mother ever do the job? -- Paula

Answer: I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your father. It must hard to be planning a wedding with such sadness in your life. But there is still potential for great joy on your wedding day. :)

You can choose whomever you want to walk you down the aisle! If you would prefer to have a male family member, you could ask a favorite uncle, or your father's closest brother to stand in for him. Or maybe you could ask a grandfather or close family friend.

Many brides nowadays ask their mothers to escort them to the altar, and if you and your mother are especially close (and sharing your grief together), then you would do her a great honor by asking her to be by your side. It is perfectly acceptable to be escorted by your mother!

Some brides, especially older women, walk alone or with the flowergirl and ringbearer. There are even some couples who walk into the church together, as a sign to the guests that they are entering into the marriage together, willingly.

Just remember, whoever you ask to escort you, will sit in the front pew with your mother, unless it is her, your groom or other member of the wedding party. I'd like to know what you decide!

Paula's Reply: Thank you very much for the insightful response. I will let you know when I decide for sure, but I'm leaning toward having my mom walk me down. I also really like the idea of my groom escorting me since we want things a little less traditional and a bit more casual than per usual.

It's fine with me if you would like to post my question on the website with my e-mail address. I'm sure others have faced similarly sad dilemmas. -- Paula



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