Ask the Bride -- Introducing Divorced Parents at Reception

Question: My parents are divorced. My mother remarried and but my father hasn't. I want to announce them both at the reception but I don't want to leave my stepfather out of it either. I know he would understand. I would not like to introduce my father alone either. Being that my parents are not married anymore can they walk side by side at the reception when they are introduced as the mother and father of the bride?

Answer: First of all, the parents are sometimes, but not always introduced. Usually the parents of the bride are busy with making sure all the arrangements for the reception are in place or mingling with guests and they don't usually enter the reception hall at the same time as the wedding party. To choose to not include the parents in the big entrance would be easy in terms of avoiding the problem, but I bet your parents don't want to be left out like that!

If you do want to have your parents introduced to the guests but they will be busy upon arrival of the wedding party, you can have the MC make special annoucements and introductions during the meal. He can then introduce both the groom's parents and the bride's parents, then the grandparents and any other special guests, such as your officiant or great-grandmother from Seattle. In this case the MC can say "The father of the bride, Mr. ___, and the mother of the bride, Mrs. ___, and her husband, Mr. ___."

If the parents will be arriving with the wedding party, then why don't the three of them walk in together? The father on one side, and the mother arm in arm with her husband, and have the MC say "The father of the bride, Mr. ___, and the mother of the bride with her husband, Mr. and Mrs. ___."

However, if none of these feels comfortable, you still could just do it the way you suggested in your letter, where your mother and father walk in together. As long as they're comfortable with it, I see no problem except with your stepfather's feelings--I don't know how long he's been married to your mom, but if your stepfather raised you, I wouldn't leave him out.



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