Ask the Bride -- Best Man's Duties

Question: What are the best man dutie's at the wedding? What about a stag party?

Answer: Too often all the wedding books and sites only talk about the bride and groom, and never give advice to the best man, right? These are the traditional best man's duties:

The Bachelor Party

This is one of the most controversial aspects of any wedding. First of all, you should consult the groom as to his wishes and to find out what type of party he would want (or doesn't want). Some grooms would be uncomfortable with having a stripper or getting really drunk. It's important for the groom to have a good time, and not being pressured into any situation he doesn't want or would jeopardize the wedding plans. You can plan any type of party including the traditional stripper/strip bar, dinner & drinking, backyard barbeque, pool party, beach volleyball day, sporting event (baseball/football/hockey game), Vegas weekend or camping trip, just to name a few. Use your imagination, and you'll plan a great party!


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