Ask the Bride -- Wedding Programs

Question: I was told that the wedding party names should not be printed on the invitation, but on the wedding program. If so, what exactly is a wedding program and where is it given out to the guests?

Answer: Wedding programs are usually given out before the wedding ceremony to the guests. They serve several purposes: as a wedding keepsake, as a schedule or guide so that the guests can follow along with the service and as another way to acknowledge certain important people involved in the wedding.

You can have the program created and printed to match your invitations by the engraver/themographer, or do it yourself. Usually they are printed on a single sheet folded in half. The top or front is often decorated with a pretty graphic corresponding to your invitations or the theme of the wedding, your names, the date and sometimes the time and location of the ceremony. The inside left is printed with the name of the officiant, order of the ceremony, readings names and/or verse numbers and the names of the hymns and songs. The inside right can continue with ceremony information if there is not enough room on the left, or is printed with the names of the people involved in the wedding, usually in this order: Officiant, parents of the bride, parents of the groom, grandparents of the bride, grandparents of the groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Junior bridesmaids (if any), ushers (if different from groomsmen), Flower girl, ringbearer, Lecters/Readers, Soloist and Musicians, Wedding Coordinator, and anyone else especially important in your wedding. If you have room on this page, or on the back of the program, you can also include special "Thank Yous" but only if they are appropriate to be publicly shared.