Ask the Bride -- Two Showers=One or Two Gifts?

Question: My cousin is getting married and her bridesmaids are throwing her a shower. Because one of them (her sister-in-law) is unable to attend that shower, she is throwing a second shower. Since I am a cousin, I am being invited to both (even though other guests are not). Is it necessary for me to buy her two gifts? Although I love her and am thrilled that she's getting married, I am recently married myself and don't make a lot of money. But, I don't want to be cheap or do the wrong thing.

Answer: This situation happens very often, and the acceptable solution is to only bring a gift to one shower. Even though you will attend both showers, you are not expected to give two shower gifts.

If you feel like you would want to "give" in another way besides purchasing a gift, you could ask the hostess of the shower that you won't be bringing a gift to if there is a way to help out, such as bringing a salad or helping with the setup.