Ask the Bride -- Cash Only Please?

Question: My fiance and I have been living together for two and a half years and have already acquired most of the appliances and household items needed. Is it rude to ask for cash instead of gifts? If not, how should we let our guests know this?

Answer: I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is considered very rude to ask for cash only instead of gifts. You should see all the letters I have received from wedding guests who are angry at being asked to not bring a gift but to give only cash, people who boycotted weddings because the rules of etiquette were broken!

Guests like to have the satisfaction of picking out a special gift, but they also like the convenience of following a registry. Below is the link to a previous Bride's Guide topic with some alternate ideas to the traditional registry.

Please do not ask your guests to only give cash. It only creates more problems than it's worth and causes bad feelings.

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