Ask the Bride -- Thank You Notes

Question: I was married on June 8th of this year. My husband and I have approx. 200 thank you notes to write and were wondering if there is any sort of book or on-line service that may help us out with "original" things to say in a thank you note? This sounds terrible but it is agonizing to try to find something different to say to everyone. Especially if their gift was money! -- Lynn

Answer: Thank you for visiting "The Bride's Guide!" Since I was going to the bookstore today at lunch, I did some research for you while I was there.

I found two books that I think you would love. One is "The Bride's Thank You Guide--Thank You Writing Made Easy" by Pamela A. Pijac, and the other is "The Bride's Thank You Note Handbook" by Marilyn Werner. Both of these books feature advice and etiquette on writing thank you notes, as well as sample wordings for many situations that you can copy or use as inspiration. I found both books at Borders Books in West Hollywood, but you should be able to find or order them from any bookstore in your area.

There are a couple of important etiquette rules for writing thank you notes that I have heard of in particular. First of all, never tell anyone that you have returned or exchanged their gift, even if you had duplicates or were able to find something better. You can simply say "Thank you for the fabulous foot massager. We look forward to putting our toes in it." Then you can sell it at your next yard sale and no one will know. And, if it's an everyday household item (say you received 3 identical toasters) when the gift giver comes to visit they won't know if the toaster on the counter is actually the one they bought.

If you've received money as a gift, it's also nice to mention how you will put it to use: "Thank you for the generous check of $50. This gift will help us greatly in purchasing a beautiful new living room set."

Finally, keep it short and simple. These are notes, not letters.