December 13, 2006

 To Whom It May Concern:

We met Michelle Hottya at a parenting group, and invited her to assist us during the birth of our first child.  We felt very grateful, and blessed to have her participate.  On July 16, 2006, she arrived at our house in a timely fashion, and immediately went to work guiding and reassuring us.  Michelle had a calming tone of voice, and healing touch, which really helped make the labor more tolerable.  Michelle pinpointed, with great accuracy, the time for us to head to the birth center, which helped us to get there in perfect time to have the water birth that we desired.  At the birth center, Michelle worked very effectively with the other women on our team, and continued to be a great source of support for our family.  After the birth, on July 17, she followed up with us diligently.  Her heart for our daughter was so touching.  We would definitely recommend Michelle and retain her as a doula in the future.



Gilbert, AZ