February 27, 2007

 To Whom It May Concern:

             It is without reservation that we highly recommend the services of Michelle Hottya as a capable and caring doula. As novices in natural birth, we worked with her over several months and we were impressed with her dedication to the well being and happiness of both our child-to-be and us as parents.

             Our first impression of Michelle was that she was very accommodating to our needs. As she met with us around our busy schedule, her flexibility was quite apparent. This remained the case up to and past the birth of our child. We never felt rushed or that she was in a rush during our meetings, rather that she took the time to resolve all our concerns and answer questions.

             Michelle is an excellent resource, well informed and knowledgeable in her field. During the time she served us, she provided us with literature, research, web-sites, and even some product references to meet our needs. We found her to be passionate about childbirth and care and willing to find the answers that she did not know herself. She was also very professional in acknowledging when questions were out of her discipline (i.e. more medical than what is within the doula responsibilities).

            We appreciated Michelleís sensitivity to our beliefs and philosophy, never imposing her own views on us, rather encouraging us to go with our own hearts and feelings. She was also very conscientious of the differences between us as the parents and helped us to gain the information we needed to make decisions together. She was very interested in making sure both parents were happy with the birth experience.

            In the birthing room, we were very grateful to have Michelle as our advocate. She helped us work through some unforeseen yet very important concerns that came up during the labor and birth process. She was also especially keenly aware of the birthing motherís needs. It was evident that she knew the motherís personality and emotional tendencies when they were at their most sensitive. She knew just what to do and say in every step of labor from early stages at home to the hospital and after. Words cannot express our appreciation for having her with us and the invaluable service she has provided. We definitely want to have her in our birth team in the future.


Monica G.

Mesa, Arizona