Phrases that need to go


Friends, please help me erase these phrases from our talk about babies.

Babies shouldn’t regress, but sometimes a change in habits makes us feel as tired was when they were newborns. Remember, they are going through many developmental leaps – this is exciting! They are super wired to practice their new motor skills! It’s just not easy for us when that practice is at 3:00am. Take a nap the next day, and remember this is a short stage. You’ll get through it!

Also, the baby or toddler that needs near constant feeding at the breast doesn’t think of you as a lowly bit of plastic. You are much more important than that. They might not be feeling well, or just thirsty, or sleepy – these are all normal needs that suckling helps satisfy. You’re the safe place, the one they trust the most. It’s intense to be that needed, but pacifying at the breast is actually a *good* thing. It helps your milk production and settles baby more quickly.

Your parenting instincts to provide for these needs is spot on – don’t let anyone tell you that your baby is using you or going backwards. Hang in there – you’re doing great!

~Postscript ~

I wrote this meme and Facebook post tonight after seeing both phrases pop up again in a parenting group on Facebook. I feel very passionately that we need to change our language about babies’ habits in order to develop appropriate coping strategies as parents. Please help me make this shift in our wording!

Sleep regression > Sleep shift

Pacifying at the breast > Regulating at the breast

Or similar – how would you phrase it with a positive spin rather than negative?